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Blagoje-Watch: Day 32

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jan 9, 2009 4:20PM


Image of House Impeachment Committee AP Photo/Seth Perlman

We're mesmerized by the "debate" happening in the state house right now - watch it for yourself here. One of the congressmen noted that today is Nixon's birthday and several others have compared Blago to Tricky Dick. All it takes is 60 votes of "yes" to impeach the governor and send the case to the Senate. It's going to be a long day, so let's do this quick hits style.
  • The AP has a nice, simple run-down that amounts to "The Dummie's Guide to the Blagojevich Charges."
  • Blago Attorney Ed Genson is trying to get U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald removed from the case, quoting Fitzy's emotional response at the press conference on Dec. 9 as proof that he's unfit to try the case. But as attorney Patrick Cotter told the Trib, "What, they want a prosecutor who thinks their client isn't guilty?"
  • In spite of the request by the committee that recommended impeachment, no one will be hearing those Blago tapes anytime soon. Blago's attorney's have successfully gained more time to look into the matter and an official decision has been put off until January 23.
  • While the House committee gave The Lord's Senate Appointeeâ„¢ the green light yesterday, in spite of an at times heated discussion, there seemed to be a change in Burris's story. In the original affidavit Burris submitted, he said he spoken to no one connected to the Governor about the Senate seat. But at yesterday's hearing, he said he had asked Len Monk to tell Blago about his interest in the seat: "If you're close to the governor, you know, let him know I'm certainly interested in the seat."
  • Saying what we were all thinking, former TV broadcaster and Blago aide Bob Arya said in a memo - among many other enlightening things - “I would respectfully suggest this committee seek an independent psychological evaluation of the governor as part of this process. I believe Rod, the committee and the people of this great state would benefit from such a move. It is clear to anyone who has been around him that there is ample cause for such an extraordinary request.” SNAP!