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Sumei Hu Still Missing

By Margaret Lyons in News on Mar 4, 2008 11:09PM

2008_3_4.sumeihu.jpgSumei Hu, the woman who disappeared from O'Hare on Feb 26, still hasn't been seen or heard from, but her husband Steven Frash went on Greta Van Susteren's show last night to explain--or, not really explain--what happened.

Van Susteren: Prior to the 26th, when had you last spoken to her?

Frash: It was like five days before that. She was going to her daughter to visit her daughter's house. And what she was going to do is visit her daughter and then leave her cell phone with her daughter so her daughter had a phone for when she's back in U.S.A., she could call her daughter, too.

Van Susteren: When you spoke to your wife on that day, about five days before she landed at O'Hare, was there anything unusual about that phone call?

Frash: It was just the usual call. And we were talking about her daughter and her daughter wants to go on to college in a few years. And we're discussing where would be the best place for her to go to college, in U.S.A. or China. And where she would spend her summers and stuff like that.

Van Susteren Did your wife indicate or say anything to suggest you that she had any reluctance to return to the United States from her home of China?

Frash:None whatsoever. All indications were that she was looking forward to coming home.

Van Susteren repeated that Frash and Hu met "on an Internet dating service," but for all we know that's or something. Anyone who's seen Hu should contact the police.