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Oprah Watch

By Margaret Hicks in Miscellaneous on Feb 10, 2008 9:11PM

oprahtyra2_10_08.jpgThe moment you've been waiting for is finally here! Yes, friends: The Oprah store has finally opened. We'll make sure to check it out this week and let you know how it is. Also this week, Tyra admitted she was jealous of Oprah on her "Moment of Truth." Tyra? Jealous of Oprah? Nah.

Monday's show was pretty disturbing with mothers of teenagers sending their kids in for gastric bypass or for gastric banding. One mother went so far as to send her kid to Mexico because they wouldn't perform the operation here. Yikes. What's most fun, though, is when we know Opes doesn't approve of what's going on either. We can detect her passive-aggressive demeanor in her questions, she's just so ... snooty when she doesn't agree.

Dr. Oz was in the audience Monday to help with the gastric teens, and Tuesday he was back to discuss his anti-aging checklist. The checklist is pretty much as follows: food, exercise, meditation, sleep and sex (not at the same time, heh). Oz is on almost every day now, not that we mind so much, we do learn a lot from his shows: Cinnamon lowers Ozstu.jpgcholesterol? Yeehaw! Flax seed won't help you unless it's ground up? Who knew? Remember last week when we said our brother met Dr. Oz? Here's the pic, because it makes us smile.

Oh no, everyone! Did you forget about The Secret? No? Good, because it's back. Although this time we felt like Oprah was moving away from Rhonda, and headed back into saner waters with Martha Beck and Louise Hay. These shows are so confusing for us. Some of it makes so much sense (positive thoughts will bring positive results) and some of it is such horse cocky we can't believe it (standing in front of a mirror saying we love ourselves, "We love you Chicagoist, we love you Chicagoist"?). Still, we like these shows — classic Oprah.

Thursday was another clutter episode. This kind of episode is when Oprah does her best work. She's so great about pointing out that what the problem might seem to be is not what the problem is. The clutter in your house is about so much more than actual clutter, and to watch this family break down and figure it out is pretty intense.

Friday was a show about sperm donors. We just got really confused when we saw it was a show about men.

Email blast of the week: "Are you a 'Shlumpadinka' who let yourself go?" Oh no, is this Oprah's new word? Of course we're happy to see vajayjay go, but shlumpadinka? Argh.