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Ooey Gooie Sticky Love Notes

By Jess D'Amico in Miscellaneous on Feb 8, 2008 6:08PM


We're not usually one to fall for sentimentality, and are more likely to make a barf noise if someone dares to give us flowers and chocolate, but occasionally we see things that melt our jaded ice-cold heart. So in place of this week's Made in Chicago, if you absolutely must celebrate the Hallmark holiday, here are some offbeat suggestions that wooed and won our hearts. We would in general though, vote against the toilet seat tattoo.

2008_02_valen_cupcake.jpgFor the newly broken-hearted
Just broken up with someone and want to not-so-gently tell them to move on? Let a card do it for you!

So cute I could just eat you up
Because nothing says I love you like vagina rainbow stationary. No, really.

Sometimes your heart isn't enough

This way you can give all of yourself, like your skull, and ears, and pubic bone.

2008_02_valen_youmakeme.jpgFill in the blank
When there just isn't a card that say how you feel, let a Richard Hell t-shirt design help you express yourself.

For the recently undead
Even though their main diet is brains, doesn't mean zombies let the other organs go to waste. And to remind us all that "zombies need love too."

2008_02_chem_balanced.jpgWho's your dopamine?
To let someone know you're chemically balanced. Or maybe just a huge nerd.

2008_02_valen_tentacle.jpgFor the aquatically inclined
It's almost become a cliche, the cephalopod as a symbol of romance. Love is a tentacle.

2008_02_monster.jpgHe who fights monsters
might just want to get this heart bag instead. He's fuzzy, a bag, a monster, and he's got bat wings. Just like a real heart.

Note: some items are listed several times in a seller's shop, so if the link says sold out, root around a minute before despairing!