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Chicago Spire Spots For Sale

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jan 14, 2008 5:47PM


$15 million buys a nice apartment, especially in the future. Shelbourne Development has officially open a sales office for the 1,194 residences in the Spire, the upcoming architectural marvel and source of an absolutely endless number of wiener jokes. Units—zing!—are priced at around $1,400 per square foot; according to the Trib, most luxury condos in Chicago cost between $750 and $1,100 per square foot. And...our eyeballs just turned to dollar signs.

Every unit in the Spire is one-of-a-kind, and the skyscraper will include a spa, a pool, a gym, concierge services, and monkey butlers. So far, 600 people have signed up for meetings about buying, but given that the apartments cost between $750,000 and $15 million, these places aren't that easy to sell--especially with the current state of the housing market, and how many other, cheaper swanky living options there are downtown. (Developers are counting on international interest.) The building is supposed to be live-in-able in 2011, so you've got plenty of time to pack, Uncle Money Pants. [The Chicago Spire (plays music, grr), Trib]