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The Awesome Before the Snow

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Dec 4, 2007 11:22PM


We've looked all day and still can't top hedgehogs in bandages (they were bandaged at, no lie, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital). That's the clear winner of awesomeness today. But there were other good contenders...

Good luck getting this catchy pork song out of your head.

Have 24 hours to burn? The annual 24-hour The Second City That Never Sleeps: Letters to Santa Benefit kicks off tonight at 7pm at Second City. This year's performers also include Sally Timms, Janet Bean, Jeff Tweedy, Will Oldham, Robbie Fulks, Steve Albini, Kim and Kelley Deal, The Blisters and Bitter Tears. Tickets are $10.

Calumet District police Capt. Thomas McMahon dropped a Lennie Briscoe-style zinger on the two shitheads who tried to steal his daughter's dog. "McMahon captured one of the men, who fled to a restaurant and was pretending to wait for food at a table when apprehended. The other was found outside the restaurant hiding behind garbage bins, McMahon said. 'I told him, I hope you got your order to go.'" Dun dun.

Ron Huberman was as adorable as ever on the Trib's video chat. He doesn't even blink when someone asks about the El smelling like "urine and vomit." Ah, Ron.

And Happy Hanukkah! This is our new favorite menorah.

Image that's making our heart assplode from the Daily Mail