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Nails in the Playground Are No Fun

By Jocelyn Geboy in News on Sep 21, 2007 4:00PM

Between bullies, queen bees and questionable gymnastics moves, school playgrounds have always been dangerous places.

2007_09rustynail.jpgThis might take the cake, though. The Woodstock Early Learning Center recently had 12 truckloads of mulch delivered and spread over their playground to keep kids safe while playing and fighting and falling on the ground ... except the mulch contained 3,000 nails. Welcome to Tetanus Land, kids.

There's been lots of back-and-forthing between the school, who wants a full refund of the $8,000 it cost to purchase, spread and remove the mulch, and G & C Mill in McHenry County, the place where they purchased the mulch. Owner Cindy Ojeda said that "she explicitly warned a learning center official that the recycled mulch could contain nails or other scraps. She recommended a different mulch for the playground, but said the buyer didn't heed her advice." While the two parties hash it out, another landscaper has agreed to provide free mulch so the playground can be back in service soon.

"Rusty Nails" by MarkyBon.