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Perfect Road Songs Needed

By Julene McCoy in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 20, 2007 4:48PM

We know that no one reads the Red Eye, so we’re not sure how this little bit of information caught our eye on the way to work this morning on the El. I-GO Car Sharing wants local musicians to submit songs for inclusion on a compilation that will be in every I-GO car. We see ourselves toodling down the expressway jamming to some of Chicago’s best. Don’t let us down!

2007_03_igoaudioemissions.gifOf course there are rules, the songs must be “family friendly” and be obscenity free. The musician(s) must have that Chicago connection, i.e. one member must be native. Songs need to be uploaded by March 29th. After that, we the people, get to vote. And everyone knows that if there is one thing Americans like to do – it’s vote for musicians, not politicians, we’re totally over that.

There will be a CD release party that I-GO has pledged to make carbon neutral, as well as have a bike valet and locally grown organic foods to keep their commitment to sustainability. Further details have not been released yet. Don’t get the cart before the horse, I-GO needs the songs first.