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Wicker Park To Get Another Condo Building (of Course)

By Alicia Dorr in News on Apr 19, 2006 4:25PM

We know there are still a few people in Wicker Park who won’t accept that the neighborhood is completely and totally gentrified by now, so we’re here to tell you about another raze and another batch of identical condos that are inevitably going up to convince you.

While the former New Light Missionary Baptist Church at the corner of Potomac and Leavitt is water-damaged, 1576b.jpgrenovated far from historical status and might remind passers-by of a South American slum, time was that the neighborhood would lie in front of it before they’d allow it to be torn down. Times have changed, however, and the aging hipsters overrunning Wicker Park would probably much rather see their property values improve than save an old building that used to house a butcher (because they’re vegan).

The Wicker Park Committee is signing the death warrant on this ailing building, and plans for a condo development on the spot are already underway. A few members of the WPC questioned whether a teardown would encourage other teardowns in the landmarked district, but majority ruled. Now the only worry is whether anyone will give a crap that the new design Green Street Properties presented doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the buildings on the street. Then again, maybe there are plans to tear down all that other expendable history, too.

All of this might be a little harsh on the neighborhood, we admit, but it’s Rash Generalization Day, and we’re taking the yipsters to the cleaners with the developers less because of the building and more because they moved from Lincoln Park because it was too mainstream. We’re not buying what you’re selling, dudes.

Image via Chicago Journal.