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U Sexy M.F.

By Erin in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 18, 2005 6:56PM

Chicagoist is not at all shocked that Lake Forest's own Vince Vaughn has been named by People Magazine as one of the sexiest men alive. We here at Chicagoist have wanted to tap that ass for months now and we knew it wouldn't be long before the rest of the world came to Jesus on the matter. He may not be the sexiest, but just you wait: it's only a matter of time before he's high, buck-naked and playing the bongos in his River North condo and then World Sexy Domination shall be his.

But what was a big shocker to Chicagoist is that the same designation has been given 2005_11_fitzy.jpgto U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Don't get us wrong: we may get a little punch-drunk in the presence of beefy jock-type like Vince -- Chicagoist is from Joliet and such things can't be helped -- but our real love is for the smart, geeky types who make us laugh. Just the same, it was amusing to learn that everyone's favorite Corruption Crusader made the list.

Apparently, Fitzgerald is a little dumbfounded, too. So saith the Sun-Times:

After fending off question after question about a CIA leak investigation, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald at a Chicago news conference Thursday was then asked the only question that to him was worse. How did he feel about People magazine rating him one of the sexiest men alive?

"I almost enjoy going back to the leak questions I can't answer," said Fitzgerald, blushing.

"Uhhh, I ... I don't wanna comment."

Awww. He's shy. That's so sexy. Tell us. Did People miss out on any other local boys? Who else should have been named?

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