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AlderMan, Oh Man, Is This Getting Good!

By Margaret Lyons in News on May 26, 2004 7:06PM

Aldermania! Chicagoist has been hot on the case of the Alderman and the Gangster, Arenda Troutman and Donnell "Scandalous" Jehan. Troutman held a press conference Tuesday that involved a shouting match between her supporters and her critics. Troutman hasn’t been accused of any 'wrong-doing,' but there's plenty of juice in an alderman and a high-ranking gang member even being associates. Also, that was her lawyer talking about the wrong-doing, so that would be wrong-doing meaning criminal acts—Chicagoist isn't the police; we're just curious about gossip-worthy acts.
2004.05.26.troutman.jpgTroutman confirmed that she and Jehan had met, but only in the context of alderman/businessman. "They looked like what they said they were: businessmen," Troutman said, referring to Jehan and Marvel Thompson, another high-ranking Black Disciple. "They talked like businessmen. They were dressed like businessmen. They had business to discuss." If you recall, the story broke when FBI agents discovered two Chicago Police Department envelopes addressed to Troutman in Jehan’s home. Troutman suggested that perhaps she gave Mehan the envelops in a totally innocent capacity. "If someone came in and he was to receive something from me that was loose, I may look under my desk ... where we keep recycled envelopes and place the contents in any one of these envelopes," she said. Hey, reduce, reuse, recycle, hang around gang officials: that’s how to save the planet, guys.
Although Troutman’s brother is on the record saying that Troutman and Jehan were romantically linked, the alderman declined to comment Tuesday about any relationship she might have had with Jehan. Troutman responded to allegations that Jehan was spotted driving her SUV by claiming that she lets lots of people drive her car.
Reactions to the press conference were mixed.

…Derrick Mosley, a self-styled community activist who often challenges African-American politicians, created a stir on the sidewalk outside Troutman's office when he told reporters he was disappointed by her refusal to fully explain her relationship with the Black Disciple leaders.
"I just think that when you're a public figure, your personal life is everybody's business, especially when violent gang members are involved," Mosley said. "A public figure needs to reassure the public."
Pastor Anthony Williams of St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, a Troutman supporter, shouted Mosley down.
"You're a hustler," an angry Williams declared. "I am denouncing you in front of our people right now. You are a hustler. .. You don't want to deal with me!"
Troutman also added that Jehan and his business associates helped her and other officials get elected. As in, "I will sell you some drugs from my $300,000 a day drug ring if you vote for Troutman for alderman"?